Body Contouring & Fat Removal In Chicago, IL

Body Contouring
& Fat Removal
in Chicago, IL

Sculpt Your Dream Body with Advanced Contouring.

Body Sculpt
Fast Track

by Dr. Parikh

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Body Sculpt Fast Track

by Dr. Parikh

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Benefits of Body Contouring

Effective Fat Reduction

Enhance natural contours with targeted fat reduction.

Quick and Comfortable

Sessions last 1-2 hours with minimal discomfort.


No surgery, no incisions, and no significant downtime.

Lasting Results

Achieve durable results with a series of 5-8 sessions.

How Does it Work?

Fat dissolving injections

Disrupts stubborn fat cells, ultimately leading to their dissolution and removal.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Uses ultrasound waves to target and break apart superficial fat deposits.


RF energy is used to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Optimal Treatment Plan for Best Results

Typically, we recommend 5-8 sessions for optimal results, with each session lasting between 1 to 2 hours. Sessions are scheduled once a week to allow your body to adjust naturally. The benefits of the treatments are:

Reduces Fat

Effectively decreases unwanted body fat.

No Downtime

Resume your normal activities
immediately post-treatment.

Skin Laxity Treatment

Ideal for areas with loose skin.

Flexible Applications

Suitable for various body types and areas.


Each session is tailored to target different tissue densities and sizes.

Body Contouring & Fat Removal, the FAQs

How long do the results of body contouring last?

Results from body contouring can last indefinitely, especially when combined with a consistent lifestyle and maintenance sessions. Outcomes can vary based on the treatment method and individual body responses.

Most clients experience minimal discomfort during body contouring due to the use of numbing creams and localized cooling or heating mechanisms. You might feel sensations like warmth or slight tingling during the treatment.
There is typically no downtime required for non-invasive body contouring. You can usually resume normal activities immediately, but we advise refraining from strenuous exercise for a few days to allow the body to adjust to the changes.
Yes, body contouring can be effectively combined with other non-invasive treatments such as skin tightening or cellulite reduction to enhance overall results. We will develop a personalized treatment plan during your consultation to meet your specific aesthetic goals.

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