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Dr. Parikh and her staff at Laser Skin & Wellness Center look forward to helping you get real results for your skin and body with non-invasive treatments. This means no recovery issues and/or minimal/no downtime.

We can see you for a quick 30 minute laser, body contouring, microneedling, and other fat removal and anti-aging treatments without anyone knowing! Our treatments involve multiple sessions but allow you to keep doing the things you love with minimal impact on your busy schedule. We offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you instantly feel like part of our Laser Skin & Wellness family.

Come visit our beautiful location on Dempster on the Park Ridge/Des Plaines border, right off of I-294.


By stimulating collagen regrowth Laser Genesis is effective at treating various skin issues and maintaining optimal skin health in the long term. With only 6 treatments you will see your skin looking like never before.


We combine ultrasonic cavitation and Radiofrequency to contour, tone and tighten certain areas in the body. The cavitation uses ultrasound waves to break apart superficial fat deposits and then RF is then used to tone and tighten the skin.
+ We recommend 5-8 sessions for real measurable results.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive dermaroller procedure that uses very fine needles to create microscopic pricks in the skin. This process rejuvenates the skin and improves the look of scars, boosts collagen, and even encourages hair growth.


Ditch the razor and use our Laser! Our Cutera laser is the Cadillac of Lasers for hair removal. It can be used on any skin tone and most people see 20-30% hair reduction after 1 session! It also has a cooling tip which makes it a more comfortable process as we pre-cool the skin before using the laser. Most people need fewer sessions because of how effective the treatment is!
Weight Loss Accelerator Before & After


Ditch the razor and use our Laser! Our Cutera laser is the Cadillac of Lasers for hair removal. It can be used on any skin tone and most people see 20-30% hair reduction after 1 session! It also has a cooling tip which makes it a more comfortable process as we pre-cool the skin before using the laser. Most people need fewer sessions because of how effective the treatment is!
Laser Skin & Wellness Center is here to help you with a targeted approach designed to address the actual cause of weight loss resistance using the advanced New Wave weight loss kit.
Studies show that Inflammation is the #1 reason people can’t lose weight: Our program is a proven system that helps reduce inflammation and Reset your Metabolism.
Toxicity (unwanted chemicals) in the body: We address toxicity in the body because most toxins drive inflammation and lipids (fat) will gather around the toxins to protect you from their harmful effects.
Hormonal Balance: Metabolize fat by increasing and balancing your body’s ability to produce and regulate hormones and sensitivity.
Total Body Reset: The natural side effect of our Weight Loss Program is to release weight at an average of up to 1lb a day. Get relief from chronic pain, revitalize your energy levels, experience a whole night’s sleep again and maintain long-lasting results.
Weight Loss Accelerator Difference: With our program, you are eating real food, you aren’t counting any calories or points, there are no diet pills, no meal replacement shakes, starvation or HCG diets, and no exercise is required to be successful.
Easy to follow program: The program is very effective and people get amazing results.

New Wave consists of focused supplements that work on a cellular level to target abnormal toxic fat stored in the body. We believe that the actual cause of stubborn fat is cellular inflammation.

When inflammation in your trillions of cells is reduced, weight loss becomes more accessible. This allows your metabolism to reset, which helps regulate fat by balancing the hormones and any sensitivities within the body.

We call this a hypothalamic reset—and best of all, you won’t be left feeling hungry or starved, because New Wave addresses the problem at its source.

During the loading phase, we’ll get your body primed to start burning fat as fuel at a high level.

In the fat loss phase, you’ll eat a healthy, non-starvation diet (that consists of REAL food!).

Best of all, there are no counting points or calories and no meal replacement bars and shakes.

You’ll take six all-natural supplements at different times throughout the program that are liquid-based to work synergistically with your own body. In the maintenance phase, the focus is on helping your body continue to lock in its new weight and metabolism.


Our Non-Surgical BBL is totally different than everyone on the market. We focus on your natural glutes by building the muscle first and then shaping it using vacuum therapy. This method is safe and have zero downtime, no needles, no freezing, no surgery required to get amazing results.

We use muscle magic to build your glute muscle if you don’t have any muscle. Then we use a unique approach with vacuum therapy to perfectly shape your butt into your desired look you want to achieve.

+ Recommend 8-10 Sessions


Muscle Magic is a new device designed to build muscle without exercise or lifting heavy weights.

It is the first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass. Muscle Magic contracts muscles beyond what is possible through voluntary effort, yielding better muscle tone and enhanced fat reduction.

During one 30-minute treatment session, a patient’s muscles in the targeted region contract 20,000 times. This is far beyond what a person could achieve through voluntary workouts — just imagine trying to cram 20,000 crunches into your next gym session!

These intense contractions called “supramaximal contractions” catalyze a process called lipolysis within the body. In simpler terms, the muscles and surrounding tissues react as they would to a very intense workout by breaking down locally stored fat cells. The body begins to release fatty acids and metabolizes the dead fat cells, which are then naturally excreted.

— leaving patients with stronger, leaner muscles.


There are numerous health benefits to an infrared sauna blanket including, weight- loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system. The controlled, timed heat, will cause the body to sweat and release toxins.

Burn 900-2400 more calories than you would with exercise alone. It’s been scientifically proven to reduce fat, cellulite, lose weight, remove toxins, alleviate muscle spasms, joint pain and stiffness, ear, nose and throat conditions, sports injuries, boost the lymphatic system and metabolism. Treatment can be done up to three times a week.


Liquid Lipo is a revolutionary product that dissolves fat cells. It is applied to the body in the form of a gel or a cream with a tight wrap to improve absorption. The proprietary product is able to penetrate the skin and dissolve fat cells. It shrinks the cells, forcing the fat to into the blood stream where it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. It is then flushed from the skin in the bowels, urine, sweat, and respiration.

The key to this treatment is hydration. We recommend at least 2 liters of water before and after the treatment. We combine this with our body contouring treatment for the best results, but it can be done at home also. Adequate water intake is essential but so is diet and exercise. No alcohol for 2 days after the treatment for proper detoxification.

=> Developed over 3 years.
=> We carried out 3000 clinical trials
=> We compared it to a well-known weight loss wrap in a double-blind study.
=> In 95 % of cases Liquid Lipo participants lost fat, not water.
=> In the control group only 5% of people lost fat, the rest lost water.

It should not be used in those who are
=> Pregnant or breast feeding
=> In those undergoing cancer treatment
=> People on Dialysis who are unable to drink 2 liters of water due to fluid restrictions.

Take care to avoid open wounds and areas of broken skin
Ensure those with Auto immune disorders are aware that they may experience a slight dip in immune response due to the detox effect from the fat loss, they may be more prone to coughs and colds for a day or so after treatment.

How does it work?
By using essential oils to carry the product to the fat cells, it binds to the fat cell, shrinking them, breaking the fat down where it is excreted naturally.

How much fat can I expect to lose?
It differs between person to person, but the majority of our clients notice a few inches are lost after a treatment, it may not always show until the day after treatment however.

How long does it take to work?
You can get results after one treatment, but for best results a number of treatments may be needed, this can be discussed in the consult.

Our Blepharonat cream can be used for under the eye bags and for hooded skin above the eyes.

How does it work?
Blepharonat contains fat dissolving ingredients that are safe for use around the eyes, it also contains Hyaluronic acid. The 2 ingredients work together to dissolve pockets of fat under and above the eyes and the Hyaluronic acid firms the tissue.

Is it safe and does it work?
Yes, we carried out clinical trials and our biochemists use ingredients proven to be safe for use on even sensitive skin such as around the eyes. In our clinical trials over 98% of people noticed a reduction in their eye bags and hoods.

95% of clients had measured FAT loss and not just water loss. On both the pages. Also include how we are the only med spa in the Chicago area to sell and use this amazing product.

How long before I see results.
Each person is different, many see results after just one treatment, however it depends on the severity of the eye bags and hoods.

How long do the results last?,
This varies person to person depending on a number of factors including lifestyle, however on average results should last around 2 months.

How many treatments are in a bottle?
Each bottle contains enough for 6 treatments; this is potentially enough for a year of applications.

How do I use it?
You apply drops of the product to the area to be treated and cover with the eye patches provided and leave for 30 to 60 minutes, it is safe to leave on overnight if you find this easier.


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