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New Wave Weight Loss


Ditch the razor and use our Laser! Our Cutera laser is the Cadillac of Lasers for hair removal. It can be used on any skin tone and most people see 20-30% hair reduction after 1 session! It also has a cooling tip which makes it a more comfortable process as we pre-cool the skin before using the laser. Most people need fewer sessions because of how effective the treatment is!
Laser Skin & Wellness Center is here to help you with a targeted approach designed to address the actual cause of weight loss resistance using the advanced New Wave weight loss kit.
Studies show that Inflammation is the #1 reason people can’t lose weight: Our program is a proven system that helps reduce inflammation and Reset your Metabolism.
Toxicity (unwanted chemicals) in the body: We address toxicity in the body because most toxins drive inflammation and lipids (fat) will gather around the toxins to protect you from their harmful effects.
Hormonal Balance: Metabolize fat by increasing and balancing your body’s ability to produce and regulate hormones and sensitivity.
Total Body Reset: The natural side effect of our Weight Loss Program is to release weight at an average of up to 1lb a day. Get relief from chronic pain, revitalize your energy levels, experience a whole night’s sleep again and maintain long-lasting results.
Weight Loss Accelerator Difference: With our program, you are eating real food, you aren’t counting any calories or points, there are no diet pills, no meal replacement shakes, starvation or HCG diets, and no exercise is required to be successful.
Easy to follow program: The program is very effective and people get amazing results.

New Wave consists of focused supplements that work on a cellular level to target abnormal toxic fat stored in the body. We believe that the actual cause of stubborn fat is cellular inflammation.

When inflammation in your trillions of cells is reduced, weight loss becomes more accessible. This allows your metabolism to reset, which helps regulate fat by balancing the hormones and any sensitivities within the body.

We call this a hypothalamic reset—and best of all, you won’t be left feeling hungry or starved, because New Wave addresses the problem at its source.

During the loading phase, we’ll get your body primed to start burning fat as fuel at a high level.

In the fat loss phase, you’ll eat a healthy, non-starvation diet (that consists of REAL food!).

Best of all, there are no counting points or calories and no meal replacement bars and shakes.

You’ll take six all-natural supplements at different times throughout the program that are liquid-based to work synergistically with your own body. In the maintenance phase, the focus is on helping your body continue to lock in its new weight and metabolism.