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Ask about Dr. Parikh’s Body Sculpt Fast Track!

Cutera TruSculpt Body Sculpting & Contouring with CryolipolysisWe combine ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequencies to contour, tone and tighten certain areas around your body.

Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to freeze and break apart superficial fat deposits. RF is then used to tone and tighten the skin.

We recommend 5-8 sessions for real measurable results. Laser Skin & Wellness Center uses CUTERA truSculpt and our own proprietary body contouring and sculpting machine as part of your treatment, which is similar but different from CoolSculpting.


  • Reduces fat
  • No downtime
  • Unique approach to treat skin with laxity
  • Synchronized treatment zones
  • Versatile to treat various tissue densities
  • Tailored for areas large and small
  • Flexible treatment configurations
  • No incisions and no pain
  • 5-8 sessions recommended (1-2 hours per session, once a week)

How Body Sculpt Fast Track Works

Patient Body Contouring Example

MedSpa Body Countering Before & After

Patient “A” came to me with stubborn belly fat. She was always working out, dieting, and counting calories but nothing seemed to be working for her.

But today, A has the body of her dreams and she loves the way she looks and feels now since working with us. We feel so lucky to help our clients achieve results.

One year ago:

  • Working out 3-5x per week
  • Counting calories, trying different diets
  • Embarrassed to go out
  • Felt like nothing was working with her busy mom lifestyle with two kids


  • Confident in her appearance
  • Fitting in clothes from her younger age
  • Felt healthier with more energy
  • More active and going out with friends again
  • She said she was speechless and felt like this is a dream

Here’s what changed for her:

  • She reached out for help to the right people and stopped trying things that didn’t work
  • She started seeing results from working with me after 3 sessions and was totally blown away
  • She didn’t quit on herself no matter what and was determined to get the physique she dreamed about to live her best life