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Body Countering Success Story

Body Countering Before & After

I recently was reminded of the value of how we can help people be healthier and more confident.

Laser Skin & Wellness Center client, “J” (name changed for privacy) is a CFO and in charge of 100 employees.

She came in feeling like she looked pregnant and didn’t like looking in the mirror.

She wore baggy clothes and just didn’t feel like she looked or felt the way she wanted to.

She had some medical issues and her stomach/weight increased after surgery.

“I’m too busy to be laid up for a few months and I’m scared of surgery,” said J.

Over the next several months, she was able to achieve:

  • Noticeable body changes
  • A flatter stomach
  • More confidence

It’s always rewarding to see a client’s life change and achieve their goals.

Her last visit with us she was wearing a slinky tank dress!!!

She felt SEXY and looked it too! She finally had that shiny new confidence she dreamed about.

It was then I thought I love this! I love helping people be healthier and more confident to put their best foot forward in life.

You have one body in this life: take care of it and it will take care of you.